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Wedding of Sophie & Alex, Parkway Hotel Cwmbran, Tania Miller Photography, Cwmbran Wedding Photographer

Wedding of Sophie & Alex at the Parkway Hotel Cwmbran

On Saturday, I had the immense pleasure of documenting the wedding of Sophie and Alex at The Parkway Hotel, Cwmbran.  Sophie had stayed at the venue the night before. When I arrived in her suite around 8.30am, it was a hive of activity.  Her friend and long-time hairdresser Anna from Hair Candy was busy styling hair.  Make-up was being expertly applied by the lovely Abigail Hannah MUA. Sophie and Alex welcomed baby Jake into the world only 4 months ago – so we were all enjoying a cuddle! Sophie’s three bridesmaids – sister Lauren, friend Emily and sister-in-law Natalie were all helping care for little Jake. Mum Jayne also arrived to offer support and a helping hand.  

The girls when dressed looked fabulous in their dusky pink bridesmaids dresses – as did our beautiful bride.  Worryingly, as it was almost time to head downstairs for the ceremony, nerves were rising and Sophie developed a migraine.  However, she was a little trooper and looked magnificent as she walked down the aisle to a very happy Alex!  This wasn’t the end of the drama for poor Sophie however as her migraine really didn’t leave her for most of the day.  

We were blessed with fabulous weather and in between Sophie needing to escape for a brief rest, she would return looking fabulous and smile for the camera (even though she evidently didn’t feel like it!) There are things that we as humans cannot control – the obvious being the weather – and the other our health.  Some of us suffer with conditions that can strike at any time.  I know Sophie was distraught with herself for feeling unwell on her ‘big day’ … but I’m sure you’ll agree she looks amazing in her photos.  I’m so delighted that this lovely couple are happily now husband and wife … plus parents to little Jake, and are now on their honeymoon in Cornwall.

Sophie and Alex … I wish you a very long and happy marriage. Despite circumstances, it was a fabulous day and you were awesome.

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