Newborn session with baby Rhys, Tania Miller Photography, Pontypool Newborn Photographer

Newborn session with baby Rhys

Last week I was delighted to welcome new parents Simon and Joy to my home studio. They had travelled from Cardiff for a newborn session with baby Rhys who was 7 days old. Mum breast-fed baby when she arrived so we could get him settled. My newborn sessions are very relaxed and I only ever do one in a day. There is therefore no need to rush due to having a time limit. I left mum and dad relaxing whilst I settled little Rhys and got him changed and posed.

He is absolutely the most gorgeous baby! He was so adorable and a pleasure to work with. I had to hand him back to mum for a change and feed on two occasions but he would then re-settle. It’s an exhausting time for parents with a new baby but they change so quickly. It’s only months later you’ll look back and appreciate how tiny they were. Capturing their tiny details is so precious. I was delighted with the images I was able to capture from my newborn session with baby Rhys. Congratulations Simon and Joy – he’s a little beauty and I hope to see you again one day 🙂